Obama Foundation

Amplifying the call for the next generation of citizen leaders.

All of us have frontiers to explore: personal and professional, mental and physical, local and global. Last summer, President Obama and our co-CEO Scott Dadich sat down to discuss those “frontiers”—the challenges facing our society today—and how we can confront them with creativity and ingenuity. Though the meeting took place in 2016 when the president guest-edited the November issue of WIRED (the first time a sitting president has edited a major media publication), the themes stuck with us and have pushed us forward. Since leaving office, the Obamas have introduced the Obama Foundation, which will “develop programs that will give people in Chicago and around the world the tools to address the challenges they see in their own communities.” We are honored to add our voice to the Obama Foundation’s empowering message of opportunity, support, and motivation. Our first project together was “Pass the Mic”, a short directed by Academy Award-winner Morgan Neville. We are inspired to get to work and hope you are, too.

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“The truth is, if you had to choose any time in the course of human history to be alive, you’d choose this one. Right here in America, right now.”

—president barack obama