Helping a data-driven
insurance company share
a human message

Clover Health launched in 2014 with a vision of simplifying and personalizing healthcare for seniors, particularly those who use private versions of Medicare. It combines preventive care, analysis of information found in a patient’s health records, as well as demographic and behavioral factors including age, lifestyle, race, and region to tailor policies to the specific needs of each customer.

At the time when Clover came to GDP, they were reaching out to potential customers under the banner “Clover Has You Covered.” They asked if we could help craft a warmer, more emotional campaign that conveyed the positive impact their service has on the lives of members. Through research and interviews, we discovered the differentiating message we wanted to convey: Clover Health’s plans are personalized, accessible, affordable. The underlying tone for our approach needed to be rooted in a respect for the target demographic. We developed four possible creative directions for the campaign with this in mind.

We selected three promising approaches and tested them with more than 700 respondents in key geographies that Clover Health serves, including the greater San Antonio metropolitan area; Savannah, Georgia; and the state of New Jersey. The responses (to both questionnaires and heat maps that let respondents select the ad elements they related to) pointed overwhelmingly at one specific approach: warm and personal portraits of actual Clover customers talking about their goals and aspirations.

To build on this, we identified dozens of Clover members with compelling personal stories that would appeal to a diverse array of potential new customers. Working with the brilliant photographer João Canziani, we shot these members in multiple locations in New Jersey and Georgia.

We worked with photographer João Canziani to shoot actual Clover customers in real homes and
locations rather than in studios.

Our Clover campaign “Plans for health. Plans for life.” ran on billboards and bus stops, print ads, and in social posts on Facebook. In the end, our campaign included 75 out-of-home placements across regions in Arizona, Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas; as well as nearly 20 print placements. We’re proud of how the campaign captures Clover’s personal approach to healthcare.