Crafting a visual identity for a new growth consultancy

Alexandra Lee launched the growth consultancy Array with the goal of leveling the playing field for underrepresented founders. She approached GDP for help in crafting a brand identity for the company. “I wanted something that conveyed the boldness of my ambition, as well as the expansiveness of the arena I was entering,” she says. “Candidly, it also needed to feel bigger than just me—there needed to be a spaciousness that would welcome not only clients but also future team members into my company.”

GDP provided photo direction for portraits by Gabriella Hasbun.

The values that guided our design were simplicity, inclusiveness, and confidence. Inspirations included the Earth art movement of the 1960s, which employed natural materials like soil and rock and often staged works on vast uninhabited tracts of land, as well as the network of enormous dish antennas that make up the Very Large Array observatory, from which the company took its name.

Array received a robust set of guidelines detailing the features of the brand toolkit that GDP created, as well as a set of collateral for letterhead and business cards.

Working from Lee’s concepts and mood boards, we assembled a palette of strong and vibrant colors and crafted a logomark that was flexible enough to work in a wide variety of contexts. “GDP created a focused and ownable identity for me from day zero,” Lee says. “They enabled me to showcase the rigor of my thinking through the simplicity of my design system.”

GDP also provided Array with templates for presentation material and social media presences.