Microsoft Aims to Define the Future of Work For the Post-Pandemic Office

From Adweek:

The New Editorial can be considered the “marriage of journalism and marketing,” said Rob Capps, head of editorial at GDP and former editorial director of Wired. Whereas the previous era’s advertorials required a media placement or paid insertion—along with an intermediary to deliver the message—GDP positions its approach as a direct communication tool connecting a brand to employees, consumers and community.

When the work-from-home trend accelerated, Microsoft recognized the need for greater dialogue around the ways that businesses and employees were coping and adjusting. “We believe that flexible work is here to stay and that that future is a hybrid one,” Stallbaumer said. “There’s a lot to learn about how hybrid work will continue to develop.”

For the most part, WorkLab is aimed at business leaders who are looking for new thinking about what productivity and company culture means. “There’s the need for creativity and the need for wellbeing—things that are harder to measure than figuring out how many emails customers responded to,” GDP’s Capps noted.