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GDP: We bring together the best of strategy, design, product, and journalism to build story-driven brands.
GDP is the brand studio with an editorial mindset.
How we work
The rise of AI. The fall of financial markets. The climate emergency. We are living in deeply complex times—and our firm is purpose-built for this moment. Organizations need to know who they are, what they stand for, and what they’re here to do. They need to communicate their ideas and ideals in clear and compelling ways. That’s harder than ever in an attention economy beset by distraction and an unprecedented wave of automation. Relevant and trustworthy narratives are more scarce—and more necessary—than ever. Speaking in an authentic voice that breaks through the noise relies on three critical components:

Finding and defining new possibilities
Take AI as an example. It’s advancing at a blistering pace, challenging the human ability to adapt. GDP’s strategists and journalists have decades of experience in illuminating complex ideas, technologies, and industries, from AI to quantum computing to the metaverse, vaccine development to biotech to climate action. They have a proven track record of identifying, clarifying, and capitalizing on future trends. No subject is too technical, too new, or too disrupted—they find a path forward.
Telling powerful stories

GDP’s team of reporters, producers, editors, graphic artists, and engineers collectively have more than 400 years of journalism experience. They understand the power of a compelling narrative to demystify tech trends, social movements, and complex issues. They use the same tools as WIRED, The New York Times, Netflix, HBO, ESPN, Bloomberg, The Atlantic, and other media platforms to produce stories, documentaries, podcasts, and more to help organizations reach, retain, and grow their audience.
Designing narrative-driven experiences

Godfrey Dadich has assembled a world-class group of graphic designers, UX specialists, and experienced creatives who deeply understand narrative. From optimizing a user journey within a mobile ticketing flow to establishing presence in virtual spaces, every fastidious design decision serves the story.

Story-driven brands:
Speak openly and authentically
Engage directly with their communities
Communicate often and with urgency
Tell the stories of their people, products, and values
Provide a vision of the future they want to see
Celebrate themselves—and others
Embrace vulnerability
Share knowledge
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