Letter from the Founders:Why GDP is joining the kyu collective

We at Godfrey Dadich Partners are optimists at heart. We believe helping companies and organizations better tell their story will lead to better economic and social outcomes. We believe in the power of creativity and narrative to push the culture forward. 

We have long been proud to be a founder-led and partner-managed independent firm pursuing this idea. But we also recognize that independence comes with limitations, most critically on our ability to have the kind of impact we know is possible. For over a year now we have been considering an invitation to be part of something bigger, to join a collective of creative companies united in a shared vision. Ultimately we decided this was the best path for us to achieve our larger goals. In kyu we find a wealth of kindred spirits. We know their expertise, experience, and reach can help us do more, faster than we would be able to do on our own. 

The firms within the kyu collective—IDEO, SYPartners, and Sid Lee among them—use a range of approaches and techniques to help organizations grow and thrive. We offer another arrow in this collective quiver, so to speak. By combining our storytelling approaches with the skills and experience of the other collective members, we feel we can offer unparalleled ability to drive reach and impact globally.

GDP is purpose-built for the complex times we live in. Shifts in the world warrant new partnership and collectivism. We believe the path forward requires resolve and imagination and that kyu will provide a powerful propellant to our mission.

Patrick Godfrey and Scott Dadich