Margaret Swart

Senior Art Director

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Margaret Swart, without a doubt, has the most enviable lifestyle of any GDP employee. She lives in a small, arty gold-country town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with her husband, where they mountain bike, cultivate artisanal jalapeños and garlic, and spend time with their clowder of cats. Thanks to modern technology, she is able to work wonders for our clients’ design systems from her studio out in the sticks. Throughout a long and storied editorial career, Margaret has worked for publications like San Francisco magazine, The Atlantic, and WIRED, where she first met Scott Dadich. Relentlessly inspired by the natural beauty of Northern California, she is pleased to say she has been car-free for years (though a new electric car has thrown a wrench in her record!). Our favorite fun fact? As a mediocre high-school gymnast, Margaret learned how to fall exceptionally well, which now keeps her relatively uninjured on long and rocky mountain-bike rides.