Marcus Wohlsen

Head of Editorial, Partner

Marcus is the leader of the editorial practice at Godfrey Dadich, which he joined after an accomplished career as a journalist and author. At GDP, Marcus has led groundbreaking work in narrative development anchored by rigorous strategy. Clients have included C3.aiLyftIBMAdyenNike, and National Geographic. His work is informed by expertise in emerging technologies and a deep conviction that effective design is clear, useful, and humane.

As senior editor and writer at wired, Marcus led coverage of the tech industry’s ascent to its current economic and cultural dominance. He reported and oversaw thousands of stories on Silicon Valley’s surge: the evolution and impact of artificial intelligence and cloud computing; the transformation of publishing and news in the social media era; the rise of the gig economy; and the spread of streaming, among the storylines that have defined the last decade.

Marcus is the author of Biopunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life (Portfolio/Penguin), featured by NPR, CNN, the Guardian, and others. The book anticipated the rise of the democratization of biotech through cheap, accessible tools like CRISPR; it was later optioned for development as a scripted series. A longtime reporter in the San Francisco bureau of The Associated Press, Marcus covered California during the Great Recession and the tech boom that followed.

When he’s not geeking out on personal productivity systems and Japanese stationery, Marcus can be found mountain-biking the ridgelines above Berkeley, where he lives with his wife and son.