Rob Capps

President, Editorial, Partner

Robert Capps runs the editorial division of Godfrey Dadich, specializing in longform narrative journalism, podcasts, documentary television and film, and other forms of non-fiction storytelling. 

Previously he was the Editorial Director of wired, where he oversaw editorial for all platforms, including the magazine,, and live events. During his 13-year career at wired the publication garnered 21 National Magazine Award nominations with eight wins. He also spearheaded the programing for multiple live events, including the wired Business Conference, the wired Data | Life health conference, and the wired x Design creativity retreat.

He wrote the article “Why Things Fail,” which won the prestigious Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. His article “The Good Enough Revolution,” was discussed in publications ranging from The Economist to The New Yorker and was noted by The New York Times as one of the big ideas of the year.

Robert is also the co-curator of the annual PopTech ideas conference. In his spare time, he plots his next fly fishing excursion.