Letter from the Founders:Where we find ourselves—and the path forward.

Since we last gathered as a team in our office in early March, the world has been turned upside down. Our way of life is challenged and our way of doing business is markedly different. And yet, as the founders and co-CEOs of this firm, we choose to hold onto great optimism. Adversity can bring out the best in each of us. We’re seeing it happen every day. We remain in awe of the selfless bravery of the first responders to this crisis, of the caregivers tending to sick family members at home, and of the owners and employees of essential businesses who are providing vital food and supplies despite the personal risk. 

We are heartened by the resourcefulness and grit of our own team, of their adaptability, passion, and commitment to our clients and to one another. It is now clear that this crisis will not simply end. It will transform how we will work, live, and play together. 

For our part, we’re hard at work developing and designing systems to help our clients continue to connect with their audiences and communities. We must recognize that people have screen fatigue and frayed nerves. Engaging them meaningfully means we need to make the best use of every tool in our arsenal—and some new ones that we’re inspired to create. 

GDP was founded on the idea of helping inventive organizations navigate rapid and unsettling disruption. We believe we can help people through/forge ahead during this time of exponential change, and, more fundamentally, offer tools that enable us to help each other. This fundamental optimism is more important now than ever before. We will continue to champion the power of creativity to make a difference as we emerge into a changed world.

The pace and severity of the crisis we’re now living through is a generational disruption, but there is one thing we know: humans adapt. Together, through our collective experience, imagination, and determination, we can illuminate a path forward. 

We’re here to help.

Be good to yourselves.

Patrick Godfrey and Scott Dadich