What we do

GDP brings together the best of marketing, design, and journalism to help brands deliver more meaningful experiences. Our firm is purpose-built for the interesting times we live in. The media business is in uncharted waters. Traditional models are broken. But the basics haven’t changed. Organizations need to know who they are, what they stand for, and what they’re here to do. They need to distinguish themselves by making every interaction a meaningful experience. And they need to supply an increasingly distracted audience with stories that are relevant and trustworthy. In a shaky time, these unshakeable truths drive everything we do with our work. This is where we live. Here’s what we do:

Solve hard problems

Technology is moving at such a rapid pace today, it challenges our human ability to adapt. Our strategists and researchers have decades of experience working in complicated industries from artificial intelligence, to healthcare, to security. We have a proven track record of identifying, clarifying, and capitalizing on future trends. No subject is too technical, too new, or too disrupted—we find a path forward.

Tell great stories

We employ a team of highly experienced journalists, documentary producers, and editorial managers. We use the same tools that WIRED, The New York Times, Netflix, HBO, and other media companies use to produce compelling stories—quickly and with high quality—to help organizations reach and retain their audience.

Design amazing experiences

We’ve assembled a world-class group of graphic designers, UX specialists, and experienced creatives. Ultimately, we feel that almost every project is a design challenge, requiring intentional and inventive thinking as well as flawless execution.