Olivia Kenney

Executive Assistant

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At the tender age of five, Olivia was dead set on going to Harvard Cosmetology School. It was an admirable goal, but it never quite panned out. Instead, years later, she moved to the Big Apple to take on as many unpaid editorial, production, and fashion internships as time would allow. She often found herself schlepping around New York in the midst of hysterical, inconceivable situations, running to shoots or openings laden with accessories and equipment. Nowadays, in her free time, Olivia prefers planning art openings and curating photography shows. For creative inspiration, this Jersey girl looks to music; specifically, the teamwork and production power it takes to put on large-scale stadium performances. The cumulative effort of branding, consistency, rehearsal, and the 100 or so people that often don’t sleep just for the sake of a blowout performance remind her of what it takes to make great work happen.