Dave O’Connor

President of Entertainment, Partner

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Dave O’Connor moved to New York from Wilmington, Delaware, in the early aughts with a vague notion of parlaying his love of film, television, and sports into a career. He spent his days gigging as a PA on commercials and music videos and his evenings producing EPKs for hip-hop acts, for which he was often paid cash (shhh). He cut his teeth at ESPN as a producer on the hit World Series of Poker, and by 2007 he was creating and producing some of television’s most innovative formats as VP of Programming at Embassy Row. From there, he served as EP and VP, Media and Entertainment, at RadicalMedia, where he worked alongside some of the most sought-after filmmakers of our time. His output has ranged from acclaimed feature documentaries like Whitey: The United States v. James J. Bulger and the Emmy-nominated ESPN 30 for 30 film Doc & Darryl to the global event series Mars for National Geographic. His journey from the Small Wonder to the Big Apple keeps DOC faithful to a range of incongruous interests: Fugazi and Mobb Deep, Kurt Vonnegut and Adam Curtis, the Miami Dolphins and the New York Mets. He recently built a dollhouse for his daughter, Ava, and held the first board his son, Otis, ever broke with a swift kick he learned in taekwondo—a not-so-subtle reminder that creativity takes both construction and destruction.